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The Vine Bistro recipe and wine pairing

The Vine Bistro recipe and wine pairing

Pan-fried duck breast and roulade, carrot mousseline, black figs and buttered green beans with sauce diable

The aromatic notes, nutmeg, and white pepper complement the meatiness of the duck. The sweeter elements in the dish ( carrot mousseline and black fig) brings out the fruitiness of the wine.  – The Vine Bistro


1 Duck breast, skin on

1 Deboned duck leg, meat minced, skin intact

3g Pink salt

20g Potato starch

500g Carrots, peeled and finely sliced

150g Soft unsalted butter

3 Large black figs, storks removed

1 Handful of green beans, cleaned and blanched

1 L Duck stock

250g Finely chopped onion

250g White wine

250g Red wine vinegar

80g Dried tarragon

2 tbsp Crushed black pepper

Salt and pepper to taste


Sauce Diable

In a saucepan add your vinegar, wine, onions, pepper and tarragon and reduce on high heat until all the liquid has evaporated. This is the base for your sauce.

After all the liquid is gone, add your duck stock and reduce on a medium heat by half. Your sauce needs to be strained now. Whisk in a knob of butter and add seasoning. It is now ready to be used.

Duck roulade

Place a piece of clingfilm on your work surface, about 30cm x 20cm, and lay out the duck leg, skin on top of the clingfilm.

Season your duck that it is minced with salt, pepper, potato starch and pink salt. Mix well.

Place the mince on the skin in a cylindrical form, think of a sausage roll.

Using the clingfilm, roll your roulade into a cylindrical shape. Make sure the skin comes full circle and that no mince is exposed.

Poach the roulade in the plastic, in simmering water for about two hours until the internal temperature reaches 71 degrees celsius.

Once the desired temperature is met, plunge the roulade into ice water to stop the cooking process.

Once cooled it is ready to be used.

Carrot mousseline

Place all the carrots into a steamer and cook until very soft. Place the cooked carrots in a blender with your 150g soft butter and blend until a smooth puree.

Season to taste

Black figs

Cut the figs from top to bottom all the while not slicing through the base of the fig. Turn the fig 90 degrees and make another slice.

This will give you an “X” shape on the fig.

Lightly press the base of the fig to make the tops push out to form a flower shape.

Place your figs in a roasting tray. Add a small piece of butter onto each fig and drizzle with honey.

Bake at 200 degrees celsius for 10 min.

Duck breast

In a dry, non stick pan on a high heat , place your duck breast skin side down, and render the skin till crispy.

After the skin is rendered, turn the duck in the pan and cook till desired temperature.

Let it rest to avoid bleeding.

Your dish is now ready to be assembled.

Recipe by: Christophe Dehosse, Chef and owner of The Vine Bistro